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Commonly Asked Questions

We get a lot of queries regarding dental health that we thought we'd put together the three most commonly asked questions together. You'll find that these questions are very basic. We're always eager to reach out and lend out a helping hand - so here we go.

How do I take care of teeth and gums?

Stick to a regular routine of brushing and cleaning in between teeth and you will have a fine set of pearly whites to last you a lifetime. However, we must emphasize that there is a correct way to do this and simply scrubbing with random strokes won't cut it.

To effectively get rid of food debris:

Brush all sides (outer, inner, and chewing surfaces) with back and forth movements.

Clean the back side of teeth with upward and downward strokes.

Use an interdental toothbrush (or floss) to get in between teeth.

How does the health of teeth and gums influence overall health?

Our oral cavity is a gateway for many pathogens. With healthy teeth and gums, these pathogens cannot easily enter the bloodstream as the mouth can put up a defense. The presence of caries and gingivitis can weaken teeth and gums and serve as an entry point. Recent studies have linked the development of chronic diseases (heart disease, respiratory problems, and diabetes) to caries and gingivitis.

Are dental amalgam fillings safe?

This type of filling uses mercury as a major component. While the American agencies such as the FDA and the ADA have continuously announced it as safe, some such as the dental research organization, IAOMT have argued that its use, emit dangerous mercury vapors into the air and into the body.

To demonstrate, the organization conducted an experiment and have released the mercury emissions on video.


As health professionals, we don't recommend this century-old filling. Instead, we offer several safe alternatives such as glass ionomers. We suggest to always ask your dentist of alternatives.

For additional info on dental amalgam safety, follow this link.


There you have it. We will post another round of commonly asked questions soon. In the meantime, you can always call us at +632.727.8665 to set up an appointment.

Meridian Tooth Chart


You Put What In My Mouth?

YOU PUT WHAT IN MY MOUTH? documents the lives of 3 people as they struggle to inform the federal government and public of dentists' disregard for manufacturer warnings and occupational safety regulations during the placement, polishing and removal of mercury dental fillings. This disregard shields dentists from being aware of the devastating effects of dental mercury exposure to their patients, staff, and the environment. 



Smoking Teeth = Poison Gas

The dramatic video titled Smoking Teeth = Poison Gas has had a tremendous impact on both the public and professional audiences.The full version plays 40 minutes with interviews of experts in the fields of mercury toxicology, environmental medicine, politics and dentistry