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Thanks so much. I am so grateful for your deligence, patience, and skill. I like my smile. 

- Doris Maddaford

Fantastic improvement after the first visit! My gums stopped hurting and bleeding - maraming salamat!

- William Maddaford


My quality of Life IMPROVED amazingly..... Print E-mail

I highly recommend Lillian for dental treatment. I travelled especially from the UK and it was one of the best things that I have done. The treatment was better than any that I had have done. Extremely professional and her attention to detail was first class. The service I got was amazing and I felt that I was welcomed more as a friend that as a stranger. Very friendly and caring staff and the whole experience was far beyond my expectations.\

I had all my Mercury metal fillings taken out. She was able to do this using the highest standards of toxic safety and I felt completely safe in her hands and her knowledge of keeping the patient from any further toxicity from having their filling removed.

I noticed a difference on the same day after having my fillings taken out. As if I was being plugged into an energy source. I had been very ill with ME/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome for two years previously. It was not an instantaneous recovery but since then, my health has come on leaps and bounds. I can dance, walk up hills, be active for most of the day and I have even started to learn to drive. Before the treatment I could barely concentrate on anything for more than a few minutes. Having my fillings removed was part of a detox plan that I have been on and I feel that it played a very significant part in my improved health. I am not quite 100% yet but my quality of life is improved amazingly and I know that a full recovery is close by now. Thank you so much for everything you have done and for the quality of service that you offer. If I ever need any major work done again I will be back!

Love Natasha