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Did you know that many body ailments may be attributed to your oral wellness?

For instance, a not well thought of dental procedure can cause misalignment or stress on the Temporo Mandibular Joint (TMJ) and bring about neck and shoulder spasms/stiffness. Oral health conditions as an impacted tooth may cause numbness to one's feet. Indiscriminate use of unsafe dental materials may bring about oral cavity disorders, gastro-intestinal effects, psychological disturbances as irritability, nervousness and fits of anger, and systemic disorders as muscle weakness, persistent cough and allergies, chronic and frequent headaches and chest pain.

Could problems in your mouth be affecting your health?

You are probably familiar with the basics of dental wellness – perhaps you had a cavity filled, a tooth extracted, or a root canal performed, and once the problem was treated you did not think about it again. But the consequences of these traditional procedures can often have significant impact on your health.


Introduces a new approach to dentistry ; looking at your mouth as an indicator of overall health and a link to illness that can attack other parts of your body. If you have health problems and have not found relief through traditional or non-traditional treatments, perhaps Total Body Dentistry can unlock the secret to more complete wellness.

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