Vitamins and Supplements for Oral Health

Written by Dan Abril.


The quest for healthy teeth and gums does not end with tooth brushing and flossing. Regular dental check-ups plus a nutritious diet are needed to achieve that end goal.  However, given the external pressures of modern living (pollutants around us and food grown on nutrition depleted soil), a balanced diet may not be sufficient enough.

Vitamin C. This vitamin is not only a powerful antioxidant but also promotes the production of collagen – a  vital ingredient in the growth and development of supportive tissues surrounding the teeth. Vitamin C also fights infection and gives teeth the extra protection it needs. 

Calcium.  Healthy teeth and bones need adequate calcium. Utilized by bones in creating and regenerating tissue, calcium give bones supporting teeth the strength it needs.

Vitamin A. Necessary in the development and maintenance of healthy skin, hair, eyes, bones and teeth; Vitamin A prevents inflammation and promotes the recovery of swollen gums. In addition, this vitamin keeps the mouth moist as it aids in keeping mucus membranes healthy. 

Vitamin D. Like Vitamin C, Vitamin D helps fight infection by raising the person’s immune system.  Further, the vitamin fortifies teeth making it less susceptible to decay and cavities. If that isn’t enough, it has been suggested that Vitamin D helps in the healing process of damaged teeth. 

Coconut oil. Gargling with coconut oil helps in reducing bacteria in the mouth. Adding it to food or beverages provides extra nourishment for the body’s self-healing properties.

Before proceeding with these supplements, always remember to consult a physician first. Remember that too much of anything good can be damaging to the system. Professionals will give you proper daily recommendations so as to avoid overdose and possible complications.
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