Thank You For Not Smoking

Written by Administrator.


To some, smoking may be sexy or cool but the flipside is less glamorous. Cigarette packs come with a surgeon general’s warning and it is there for a reason.

An article on the Care 2 website lists down the number of ingredients that can be found in cigarettes. More than tobacco leaves; the article names over a dozen elements ranging from arsenic to formaldehyde, cadmium and so on. The BBC takes it a step further and it specified 599 ingredients wrapped neatly in that roll of paper. Apparently, these components were thrown in, as to reduce the cigarette's bitter aftertaste and to increase an individual’s craving for tobacco.

The consequences of these ingredients are bone chilling. Smoking leads to a number of health concerns that damage not only the teeth but the respiratory system as well. Halitosis, bone shrinking, gums recession, cancer, heart disease, and a lot of crippling illnesses – are all part and parcel of smoking.

As mentioned earlier, tobacco and smoking affects how gum tissues. Smoking causes gums to recede and their function to protect teeth are greatly reduced while increasing the chances of developing gum disease. The nicotine in tobacco also constricts blood flow. Impaired blood flow limits the flow of oxygen throughout the body leading to further complications and other health conditions. Recent research has also shown that second hand smokers are also placed at risk – not only from cancer – but also to periodontal disease.

All this information leads to no other logical recourse but to quit tobacco but sadly, that is easier said than done. If you smoke, here are suggestions. Remember that early detection is worth a thousand treatments.

-  Visit the dentist regularly.
-  Practice good oral hygiene. Brush, floss, and use a mouthwash.
-  Check for symptoms such as lesions, sores, red patches under the tongue. If these symptoms doesn’t clear up in two weeks, it’s time to visit the doctor.

We urge everyone to not take smoking lightly cause aside from the unsighlty gums and teeth, it will lead to even more serious problems. Call us for an appointment at +632.727.8665.