Sugar, Sugar

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It’s one of life’s simple pleasures and one that is almost impossible to put to down. Such is the power of sugar and sweets. They come in different names and packages but essentially and unfortunately, they all have the same properties.

Even before the advent of modern dentistry, ancient Greeks have already deduced that sugar is bad for teeth. As they have noted, eating too many figs can cause tooth decay. Nowadays we know more about sugar than the ancients did but despite the wealth of information and facts, our love affair for sugar has grown probably stronger.


A recent study conducted by Washington University revealed that we are born with a penchant for sweets. The scientists believe that this is an evolutionary hangover – as when we were still struggling as a species – we developed ways to desire certain flavours necessary for living. These include the taste for salty, fats, and yes, sugar.

Sugar glucose is essential to health and survival. It provides nourishment to neurons, without which, a person could easily fall into a coma. However, our bodies cannot produce its own glucose and it has to take it from external sources.

Sugar Everywhere

According to NBC news, Americans consume 22 tsps. of sugar daily and this does not take into account the hidden sugars in food and drinks. Put them all together and it is significantly and alarmingly higher than the recommended daily allowance.

If you need to watch your sugar intake, you must learn to read ingredients. With that said, below are the primary types of sugar:

•    Glucose – this is sugar in its simplest form and can be found in plants and fruits.
•    Fructose – deliciously sweet, this type of sugar occurs in fruits, sugar, honey.
•    Sucrose – this is the common table sugar, naturally coming from sugar cane or other sources.
•    Lactose – sugar in milk.

Then there’s the zero-nutrition, industry processed refined sugar. As you can see from the list above, there is no easy way of avoiding sugar altogether.

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