Dental Implants: Zirconia vs Titanium

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Missing tooth? Despair not. Your friendly dentist has the treatment dental implants. These marvels of technology may look like a treatment taken from the space age but archaeology taught otherwise.

As we know today, dental implants are those metal screw-like contraptions that are implanted into bones to replace missing tooth. However, archaeology has yielded evidence that humans have been replacing lost tooth as far back as 4000 BCE. Then, dental implants were made from materials such as bamboo, shells, precious metals, and ivory. By the mid-20th century, dental research found titanium to be the best metal for such forms of surgery as it effectively ossintegrates into bone and tissues.

Titanium vs Zirconia

Metals“ - which titanium is - was chosen since it gave implants the strength it needed to withstand the demands of grinding and chewing. Although titanium is indeed reliable, it also comes with setbacks. As a metal, titanium corrodes. When introduced into the human body, a titanium dental implant is exposed to an environment that is hostile to metals. Overtime, titanium will corrode and its structural integrity will be affected.

Also, when metal corrodes, it releases particles. In the case of titanium dental implants, these particles become ions that bind to proteins. This is a recipe for failure as these particles cause itching and inflammation. Currently, there is still research on titanium allergy but figures attest that there's a connection between titanium dental implants and the growing number of allergies.

Zirconia on the other hand, is an all ceramic dental implant and offers a variety of advantages. One of course, is that it does not corrode nor does it cause allergies. Zirconia is also durable and has proven that it can withstand monstrous pressure and strain and still show no signs of deformity.

For patients veering away from metals, zirconia is heaven sent.

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