For Oral Health!

Written by Administrator.

In all honesty, how can you enjoy life without the pleasure of eating? Generally, we Filipinos love food and every occasion or celebration won’t be complete without a hefty serving of flavourful dishes from the spicy to savoury and to the mind numbingly sweet. We Filipinos can't have festive occasions without sugary staples.

We would like to stress however that we are not finger pointing and blaming sugar for all of mankind'€™s ailments. We are not in the business of demonizing food. After all, we need a balance of nutrients to live a healthy and enjoyable life and sugar or sweeteners, in its least unprocessed form, such as honey or maple syrup provides minerals such as manganese and zinc. The trouble starts when there is an overconsumption of sugar and without proper exercise or regular physical or dental check-ups.

Thus today, as we welcome 2016 with a bang, Total Body Dentistry would like to encourage you to include dental health in New Year resolutions. We spend so much time in the gym, taking vitamins and supplements but not really bothering to consider or look into the benefits of healthy teeth and gums. Remember that there is such a thing as a mouth and body connection and good oral health is the gateway to overall health. So if you wish to continue celebrating life and enjoying good food this year, we have compiled a

1. Pick up that phone and set-up a dental appointment. Call us at (+632)7235167 and our friendly staff will be happy to set up your dental check-up.

2. Commit to regular check-ups or staggered dental treatments. Total Body Dentistry will also be happy to assist you in scheduling needed treatments. May it be implants, restoration, or amalgam removal,  our staff and Dr Lillian Lasaten-Ebuen, will be pleased to explain procedures and its benefits.

3. Floss. Floss. Floss. We can’t emphasize this enough.  Tooth brushing has its limits and for those hard to reach areas and spaces in between teeth, flossing is the answer.

4.Quit smoking. There are numerous benefits to quitting this nasty habit. Not only will it be beneficial to your teeth and gums, but your overall health as well.

5. Eat more nutritious food and drink more water. Try minimizing in-take of processed sugar. Drop sodas and carbonated drinks and instead go for water.

Keep these in mind and we wish you a wonderful year ahead!