Dental Health Care For Vegetarians

Written by Dan Abril.


There are many reasons to go vegetarian. Some do it for health reasons, some for the environment, and some simply out of compassion for animals. A diet that is centred on grains, fruits, legumes, and vegetables is considered by many researchers to be healthier than the normal€ diet based largely on meat and very little veggies.

Of course there are studies that state otherwise but some critics have pointed out that those studies are significantly lopsided. However, nothing is perfect and a vegetarian (and its derivatives: veganism, raw food, and etc.) has its drawbacks -€“ particularly among vegetarians who lack a basic education on proper nutrition and a proper vegetarian diet. (Note: French fries and sodas may be vegan, but they are not healthy.)

Why Vegetarians Need To Take Extra Care

A vegetarian diet is indeed healthy but this dietary choice can wreak havoc on your pearly whites. The reason is, vegetarians, vegans, and raw foodists consume more fruits and nuts.

Fruits are great since they are packed with much needed nutrients but it is also loaded with acid and sugar. Processed sugar is definitely worst for your teeth but over time, natural sugar and acid can take a toll on a tooth'™s enamel, leading to cavities. Nuts in the meantime can get stuck in those crevices and cause damage.

For many dentists though, the main culprit is the lack of calcium and Vitamin D. While the body can are naturally produced by merely basking in early morning sun, calcium must be sourced from food. Going back to your elementary health and nutrition subject, calcium is needed for stronger bones and teeth. That poses a problem for vegetarians who refrain from any form of animal product.

So if you are vegetarian, how do you take care of your teeth ?

Dental Health Tips for Vegetarians

1. Eat a balanced diet. No, we are not suggesting that you go back to consuming animal products. What we advise is to vary your food choices. Consume calcium fortified products. There'€™s more to life than tofu or seitan. (Carnivores out there should not be so smug, it would do you a world of wonders if you eat a balanced diet as well.)

2. Take multivitamins. Note that if you already have a balanced diet, you no longer need to take multivitamins. You can only reap the benefits offered by multivitamins if you do not have the time or the inclination to evaluate your diet.

3. Find the time to brush and floss. Vegetarians should ensure that every gap between teeth is taken care of. Since tooth brushing can be limited in terms of reach, supplement it with flossing.

These are practical tips, really; but knowing them and taking them to heart can lead to happy years of munching on carrots and corn. Treat your teeth well and they will serve you well.

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