Green Dentistry

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Eco-friendly or Green are buzzwords often used by marketing folks to sell a product. In a time where there is a growing concern for the environment and what we can do as consumers, these words can help sell a product or service, whether you are a hardcore environmentalist or not. Unfortunately, the terms can also be abused and trick costumers into purchasing products or services that are far from what it advertises.

For a quick definition, eco-friendly or green simply means that it is not harmful to the environment or at least, takes conscious efforts in controlling or minimizing its harm to the environment. It is a noteworthy endeavour and hardly a fad.

For dentists, the wake-up call is here. Today, dentistry is becoming aware of its impact on the environment and an increasing number of dental professionals are taking steps into setting up a dental practice that is friendly to patients and the environment,

But what does it take to be an eco-friendly dentist?

Essentially, green dentists observe these basic rules:


The dental sector uses a variety of toxic materials. From dental amalgam fillings to fluoride and to metal crowns. Green dentists are aware of the toxic nature of these materials and, taking the mouth and body connection into account, instead use biocompatible materials to minimize impact and repair damage.

Mercury-free dental fillings for example are non-toxic and less invasive. Application does less damage to the tooth and ensures that tooth integrity is maintained. 

The International Association of Oral Medicine (IAOMT) in the Philippines is the local chapter of IAOMT in the US, this research organization advocates mercury-free dentistry and offers trainings to dental professionals for a minimal fee.alt

IAOMT-Philippines' Dr Ebuen, demonstrates proper amalgam removal

Considers the Overall Health of the Patient

A green dentist plays multiple roles. Aside from being a dental health practitioner, a green dentist is also a teacher, a counsellor, and an advocate. She or he recognizes that dental health is a part of a whole and it directly affects a person's overall health. She or he also takes the time in explaining the pros and cons of dental procedures to patients, ensuring that the patient is well-informed before proceeding with the treatment.

Utilizes Modern Technology

Using cutting-edge dental equipment not only simplifies work but it also minimizes the use of toxic materials. Digital imaging in lieu of traditional X-Rays lessen X-Ray exposure and the use of toxic X-Ray films.

Reduces Environmental Impact

In-line with modern tech, installing equipment such as amalgam separators minimize mercury pollution. Using eco-friendly sanitizers, disinfectants, and other cleaning agents also help reduce dentistry's environmental impact. Minimizing the use of disposable items such as bibs help lessen the burden on landfills.

Uses Minimal Resources

Dental offices need a lot of electricity and water to power equipment. By simply changing habits, such as turning off equipment and lights when not in use are simple steps in reducing consumption energy and water consumption.

If you are worried about your impact on the environment, find an eco-friendly dentist that can relate with your concerns. We are here to listen and offer advice, give us a call at 632.727.8665.