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IAOMT Members, Allies, Speak at UN Meeting - IAOMT News

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Dr. Lillian Lasaten Ebuen, President of IAOMT-Phillippines, and frequent IAOMT speaker Dr. Mark Geier both made presentations to the UNEP mercury meeting in Chiba, Japan. The panel is faced with the question of whether to exempt certain mercury containing products from the draft treaty to ban international commerce in mercury. Not surprisingly, the official US delegation wants to exempt dental amalgam and vaccines containing thimerosal.

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Mercury Free Dentistry

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mercury-free-dentist-imageWHAT are the health implications of mercury? According to medical literature, it is the most toxic non-radioactive metal known, more toxic than lead, which has already been banned for years. Its effect in the human body is numerous depending on its form (elemental, organic, inorganic), the chronicity (length of exposure) and dose; it ranges from insidious wherein its effect may only be apparent after withdrawal from exposure and detoxification; or dramatic.

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